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Lights – make sure that none of the bulbs need replacing

Indicators – check they all work; and don’t forget any repeaters on the side of the car

Wheels – ensure there are no marks or scuffs from kerbing that will mean the wheels will need replacing

Wheelarches – this is a common place for rust, so check them all over carefully

Panel gaps – ensure they are consistent all over the body

Windscreen – ensure there are no cracks that could lead to an MOT failure

Roof – if you’re looking at a convertible, make sure the roof moves up and down smoothly and locks fully into place, check the material for tears

Paint – check the car is a consistent colour all over

Windows – make sure that any electrically operated windows work, and work smoothly

Tyres – check they all have plenty of tread left, and that the wear is even across them; and don’t forget the spare

Suspension – when the car is pressed down, it should return smoothly to its normal height


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