You are a Convertible!

If people could describe you in three words those words would probably be: sassy, sophisticated and suave. You like to invest in things you see as adding value to your life and your enjoyment of it. For you, a car is as much an experience as it is a way to get you from A to B, which is exactly why a convertible is the only vehicle for you. With its looks, drive and fun factor, it’s one purchase you’ll never regret.


You are a Saloon!

You’re a true problem solver with an eye for detail. Whether at work or play, you like it best when pursuits are both fun and functional. Making your money work hard is also one of your most prolific skills, which is why a roomy saloon is the vehicle for you. With low running costs and high street cred, it’s the perfect mesh of looks and efficiency that will make your heart sing.


You are a 4 x 4!

You’re a big personality who likes to make a statement without making a compromise. People often look to you for a fashionable opinion because above all else, you know what you like and you know what looks good. This is exactly why a 4x4 should be your go-to vehicle – with space, style and safety in spades, it will suit you and your lifestyle to a tee.


You are a Hatchback!

You’re as pragmatic as you are popular. You know that sensibility and style go hand in hand, and you’re not afraid of telling it like it is. People are taken by your natural aura and ability to go with the flow, but most of all they’re drawn to your easy charm. Good to look at and great to drive, a hatchback is the perfect car for you.


Question 1.

The most you've ever splurged in a shopping spree was…


Question 2.

There's a new fashion trend you're not sure about. Do you...


Question 3.

You are setting off on a road trip. What is the first thing you reach for?


Question 4.

What would you listen to in your car?


Question 5.

What I look for most in a car is:


What car
are you?

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